FOODEX JAPAN 2018 Exhibition in TOKYO, JAPAN 東京國際食品展

2018東京國際食品首次參展 圓滿落幕期待下一次的相見

FOODEX JAPAN 2018 Exhibition in
FOODEX JAPAN is the Asia's largest exhibition dedicated on food and drink across Japan and the whole world. The show was held from 2018 March/ 6th to 9th in Tokyo Makuhari Messe.
It was our first time to attend FOODEX JAPAN 2018 Exhibition; our Booth was in Hall 3/ # 3C02-C07.
We are glad that we had a truly fruitful and a pleasant stay here in this show. Thank you all for visiting our booth to support and love our product.
We are honored to announce you that this year is YENS 50th anniversary. We will always provide our best product and high standard quality control and warmest service for you.

Here are our best selling items which we have presented to this show:
A. Salad Series :

Good for various purposes: sushi, pizza toppings, sandwich, bakery, and more! It tastes good both hot and cold, it presents great value and is irreplaceable and unique. It is a successful product in many countries and for different types of restaurants.
  1. Crawfish Salad/ Crawfish Salad with Potato/ Cajun Crawfish Salad
  2. Smoked salmon Salad
  3. Squid Salad
  4. Surf Clam Salad
  5. Fish Roe Salad with Smoke Flavor
  6. Fish Roe Salad with Mango Flavor
B. Light Foods series
Made with Taiwanese Edamame shelled, Quinoa, good for health, Low-GI, High Nutrition
Good for various purposes: Sushi, Salad, Appetizer, Diet meal…etc
  1. Edamame Hijiki Salad with Quinoa
C. Frozen Seafood (Fish Fillet)
Frozen Greenland Halibut Steak
Frozen Giant Grouper Steak

Mayor of Kaohsiung visiting our booth. The books we held are YENS 50th anniversary stamp albums.