2018 Seafood Expo Asia 亞洲海鮮展


Welcome to YENS Booth at Seafood Expo Asia 2018 in Hong Kong

This September YENS will participate in Seafood Expo Asia in Hong Kong, 
As a brand/ representative of Taiwan's Frozen Seafood Supplier, we look forward to every opportunity to extend our high quality products and services to the rest of the world; alike our company's vision: "To spread happiness around the world through food distribution."
It’s our pleasure to invite you to our booth; we offer tasting our best selling products, Salad Series for you to try :
Crawfish Salad, Smoked Salmon Salad, Capelin Roe, Surf Clam Salad….

Frozen Seafood will be also showcased in this show
Greenland Halibut Steak, Giant Grouper Steak, Shrimp, Ripen Salmon Steak, Ripen Halibut Steak ….. 

9月份 香港展覽熱鬧登場
YENS 元家企業很期待於今年香港食品與您見面,每年我們都會開發出新的品項, 藉由每次的參展我們希望在此呈現及分享元家企業的產品給您。
期待與您相見! (展覽/攤位資訊位如下)
We gratefully welcome you to join us! (Expo/Booth information as below)